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Let's Have Some FUN

Welcome to Purple Skyy Rentals, where we are committed to delivering exceptional value and unparalleled service. As a provider of SLINGSHOT Rentals and more, we take pride in offering our customers nothing but the finest rental experience. Discover our passion firsthand and book online today!


All About Purple Skyy Rental


With Purple Skyy, just know: It's about the experience!!! Cruise the Charlotte streets and let the wind blow in your hair. Enjoy a date night, visit a game, pull up on a festival, and stunt on em'.


So, what are you waiting for? Step into the driver's seat and let the thrill begin!  Purple Skyy Rentals is your gateway to exhilarating moments and cherished memories on the open road. Let's create memories together! BOOK NOW!!

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7205 The Plaza

Charlotte, NC 28215

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